Consignment FAQs

What is consignment?


Consignment doesn’t always mean previously worn. In addition to gently used gowns, Almond Tree acquires brand new wedding inventory from shops that are closing and designer samples and overstocks. The result is a huge variety of gowns, most of which have never been worn down the aisle.


What items does Almond Tree Wedding Boutique consign? 


Almond Tree accepts wedding gowns two years old or less. We also accept bridal veils, jewelry and other accessories. 


How does Almond Tree set consignment prices for the gowns?


Dress that have been worn are estimated to sell at ~50% of original retail. New dresses are estimated to sell at ~65% of retail. Some fabric (like silk) command a higher price and current fashion plays a part as well. Importantly, we do not guarantee any final sale price. Revisions of the asking price may be made at the store’s discretion without notifying the consigner.


How do we split the money from the sale of my items?


You will receive 50% of the sale price less any applicable fees. 


How long will it take my gown to sell?


It all depends upon the market demand. Almond Tree understands that selling a gown is similar to fitting Cinderella’s slipper. We need to match the bride to the dress and the budget. You never know when someone will walk in and fall in love and purchase your gown.


How long do you keep my gown?


The consignment period is up to one year and may be renewed upon our discretion. 


Does my gown need to be cleaned before I bring it in? 


It helps. But Almond Tree offers cleaning and repair services for an extra fee.


What if my dress doesn’t sell?


You will be contacted and given the option to either pick up your items or to donate them. Almond Tree provides donation receipts upon request. Items need to be picked up within 30 days of the end of the consignment period. If items are not retrieved within that period of time, it is understood that items are abandoned and that Almond Tree can dispose of them at their discretion.


Can I re-consign the gown I buy from you?


Of course! As long as it meets all of the requirements, including age, and that you reconsign the gown within six months of your wedding date.


How do you market my gown?


Gowns are maintained and showcased in our beautiful 4,000 square foot climate-controlled store, at local bridal events, and sometimes online through our website and email campaigns.


How and when do I get paid when my gown sells?


Each month’s sales are paid in the 15th of the following month. Almond Tree will send a check to the address on record. 


Is there a fee for consigning my gown? 


Yes. There is a $25 intake fee. If we have to have your gown cleaned, there might be a fee for that as well.  


What if I want to consign my dress, but it’s damaged?


If a dress has substantial damage, we may not be able to consign it for you. but we have a professional seamstress on sight who can handle many repairs for a reasonable fee. We’ll talk about that if needed when you come in.


Do you take bridesmaid, mother-of-the bride, and other wedding apparel for consignment?


Sorry, no. We specialize in wedding gowns.


Is appointment necessary to consign?


Yes it is necessary to make an appointment and bring all the items you wish to consign.


Do you accept all potential consignments?


All gowns are accepted at our discretion based on today’s styles and current bridal preferences.



This is just a partial listing to make things convenient. All the specifics in detailed in our consignment agreement, and we would be happy to show it to you in advance. But as always, if you have any questions just give us a call. We are happy to help. 


Or just give us a call and we'll find a good time for you to come in: