The Top Five Secrets to Wedding Dress Bliss

We have helped thousands of brides find the right dress. And in all those years we have learned a thing or two about this great big emotional roller-coster of a business we are in. We have seen all kinds of soon-to-be brides go through the process of shopping for and selecting their special gown and we have discovered a few little secrets.

Here are our top five tips for taking your wedding dress experience from miss to bliss.

You Have a “Body Type” … Go With It

We women are the worst self-critics in the world. There is always something we wish we had more or less of. But your wedding day is not the time to experiment with advanced mechanical engineering methods of shape-shifting.

Those 5” stiletto heels will not make you taller … not really. While they MIGHT help you stretch into that skin-tight mermaid dress without looking like a mushroom, they will also make it REALLY hard to walk and dance at the reception.

And sure … most brides try to lose a few pound before the wedding. But if that clingy silk gown clings a little too much to an area that it shouldn’t, there is no guarantee that it will not be equally clingy on the big day. Proper dieting is great too and sure, you might lose a few pounds. But no matter how great the diet or exercise program is, there’s never a guarantee where those few pounds will fall off … you know what we’re saying here, don’t you sister?

The point is, a little tweaking here and there are fine. But the best thing to do is to recognize your existing, real body type and pick a dress that works with it. Trust us … you will look good.

When It Comes to Style, Remember Who You Are

A few years ago when Kate Middleton married Prince William, die-hard romantics watched the event like it was the world’s biggest royalty reality show. Within days, brides all over the world wanted “the dress” she was wearing.

No doubt … Kate looked absolutely lovely — seriously, how could she not in a custom made couture gown that cost more than a house. But knock-offs and “tribute” dresses flew off the shelves. And that is totally fine IF … and it is a very big IF … your body type, personal style, and budget are in Kate Middleton’s ballpark.

And you are not getting married as an opportunity for your best friend, Aunt Bess, your mother, or your future mother-in-law to live vicariously through your ceremony. That’s doesn’t mean you should’t listen to their suggestions and try on a few dresses. Heck, you might like what you see. But he is not marrying Kate Middleton, or even Aunt Bess for that matter … he is marrying you. You might want to make sure that you look like you when you walk down the aisle, right?

Remember the styles that make you look good and feel good on a more normal day? Start and build from there.

It’s About How It Makes You Feel

Some brides dance around the room. Some stop and cry. Some just beam with happiness and a sunny smile. Others stand in front of the mirror in our shop and just nod in satisfaction. All of them found their wedding gown, each reacted in their own way. All of them looked lovely and had great weddings.

What no one could see is that — when they emerged from the changing room and stood in front of the mirror — all of them “felt” right on the inside. They “knew.” Sure, there might exist somewhere another dress that in some minor way was ... well, maybe not “better” ... maybe just different. The point is that this dress, right here and now, made them feel the way the want to feel. That’s a win. It was time to stop looking and go with that feeling.

We keep literally hundreds of styles in stock all the time. We can always tell by the look on thier face. (you can see some of our inventory here).

Which brings us to ….

“Stop Looking … Be Happy”

So … you have found a great dress that makes you feel beautiful and special. You buy it and then head to the restaurant with your family or maid of honor to celebrate with lemon-drop martinis, cosmopolitans, or whatever your celebratory beverage of choice is. The next morning you post to Facebook or Tweet about it. Maybe you email all of your friends or call your mom. Good times.

Now you have entered the “danger zone” for brides. This is because you might have been looking for an awesome wedding gown for a while. Shopping for a wedding dress can be fun — hey, it’s shopping, right? You have watched TV programs, maybe purchased a bridal magazine or two and clipped out images. The point is, you have programmed yourself to be on the lookout for “the perfect dress.” But it’s probably time to stop before it becomes a problem.

Like the fiancé you just said “yes” to, once you commit you should enjoy the happiness. You just had the “right dress moment” and a payment has been made. It’s time to stop playing the field because only heartache and expense waits for you if you don’t. Worry about the flowers, or the caterers, or the music, or ANYTHING else on your list. You are going to look great and have a wonderful wedding … just let it be.

See the latest bridal fashions, in store now on our Lookbook page.

Beter yet, see for yourself and book an appointment to see all of them!

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