Almond Tree Sizing Instructions

Since we make our own line of Almond Tree Originals designs and even help brides make their own custom gowns -- Almond Tree Couture -- we need to come up with a way to help brides determine the right size to order.

Wedding gowns are very different from "regular" street clothes. There is just so much more to consider. And almost every gown requires a few special tweaks to make the fit perfect for their special day.

Well, the experience of hundreds and thousands of wedding gowns and the input from our dress manufacturer has helped us create a special set of instructions, which you can find here.

We are also working on a special video to help you understand how to take the measurements you need. If you are buying your gown in our store, we'll do those measurements for you. But if you are buying one of our gowns in our online store you will need to take them yourself, which is why we think that the video will be a big help going forward.

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