Your Wedding Day and the Corona Virus CV19

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With all the news reports right now, the two most common questions this week have been:

“Will the Coronavirus affect my wedding?”

“Can I still get my wedding dress in time?”

This is understandable. We’ve been in the wedding dress business in Phoenix for more than a decade, and this virus scare has people spooked a lot more than the three other potential pandemics we’ve gone through in that time — Coronavirus CV16, MERS, and SARS.

We are not going to talk about the disease itself. No one has any business talking about that but medical professionals and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If you or your wedding guests have any questions about the disease itself, how serious it is, or how contagious it is, visit their site.

How Coronavirus CV19 Can Affect Your Wedding Day

There are four ways that the current concerns might — and we stress “might” — impact your wedding day this year.

  • Guests Afraid to Travel to Your Wedding

  • The Corona Virus Delays Your Wedding Dress Ordered from Overseas

  • Should We Postpone Our Honeymoon?

  • Access to Decorations and Accessories

Guests Afraid or Unwilling to Travel for Your Wedding

We personally know of two brides who are considering delaying or postponing their wedding day or honeymoons due to concerns by their guests about traveling. It’s true that the confined space of an airplane along with the dry, recirculated air can expose people to illness in general. If most or all of your guests are within driving distance, there will likely be little or no impact. If you have a lot of guests who would have to travel via air, it is likely that a few of them might have concerns.

Things might be more difficult if you are planning a destination wedding to an exotic location on the beach or overseas. Smaller and less developed countries just do not have the medical infrastructure that we enjoy here in the US. People may want to avoid traveling. This is a completely reasonable concern. You can choose to change the venue or accept that there will be concerned people and go on with your plans anyway. It’s up to you.

The Corona Virus Delays Your Wedding Dress Ordered from Overseas

People getting sick — some of them seriously — is not to be diminished. In addition to that is the economic harm that might occur if the Coronavirus CV19 goes on for a while. Not only will travel be disrupted, but there will be problems getting wedding dresses that are manufactured to order from overseas. China is a major supplier of ordered wedding gowns – even for some of the top designers.

This is going to be a problem for a lot of brides and for many bridal shops who specialize in ordering dresses. Businesses like ours are immune from that problem since we sell from inventory and have a wide variety of stock on hand. But a lot of good bridal shops are going to be affected and things like this are not good for all of us. We talked to some of our peers who order dresses from overseas and they are concerned that there will be serious delays. As a bride you have two options:

  1. Make sure to order extra-extra early. Our normal advice to brides for ordering a dress is to order your wedding dress eight to nine full months before your wedding day. That usually gives time for the order to be delivered and alterations to be completed. Our advice during the coronavirus outbreak is allow twelve to fifteen months … just in case.

  2. Buy from an inventory-based shop like ours, which only takes a few weeks including alterations.

Should We Postpone Our Honeymoon?

Even if most of your guests are local and you decide to keep your wedding on schedule, the question remains as to whether or not to travel yourself. This includes your honeymoon.

There is no “right” answer. But it is a reasonable concern to ask yourself if now is the right time to travel to your dream destination. On the plus side, postponing or delaying your honeymoon vacation plans because of the coronavirus risk is likely to be less disruptive overall. Your wedding day would come off on schedule, no guests would be inconvenienced, and personal travel plans often have rescheduling or trip insurance options available. If you keep your honeymoon plans, consider purchasing the available travel disruption insurance option. If the corona virus CV19 outbreak continues into a full pandemic, that would be money well-spent.

Access to Decorations and Accessories

The same supply chain problems faced by most bridal shops affect everything from veils and shoes to wedding jewelry, silk flowers, and wedding gifts. The vast majority of those items are manufactured in China or other locations in Asia. If the Corona Virus outbreak continues for a longer period of time, these supply chains will be impacted too.

If you are not going to postpone your wedding day, then the best solution is to buy early. Many brides wait until the last month to pick up these smaller items. But in this case, planning and buying early from existing inventories is the best — if not only — way to ensure that you have the decorations and accessories you want.

Other Potential Wedding Day Impacts of the Virus

Since most formal wear for grooms and groomsmen is rented, there is likely to be little impact to the availability of suits and tuxedoes. If your groom is planning on buying his tux, then buying early is key here as well.

Are There Any Positive Impacts for Your Wedding?

It’s not possible to say that there is ever ANYTHING positive about a viral outbreak. But it is possible that venues are experiencing cancellations. As we mentioned, we are aware that a few couples have decided to postpone their weddings. We are also aware of several conferences and special events that have been delayed or cancelled. If a venue was previously booked, you might want to check and see if they now have an opening or be more flexible with their pricing. In fact, they might be hoping you call.

Likewise, wedding service providers like bands, DJs, florists, photographers, videographers, and cake-makers may have additional availability as well. These professionals need to keep busy and any hole in their schedule is not good. They might be more eager to book your event as well.

Again, if you have any questions or want the latest info about the CV19 Coronavirus, go to the CDC website. If you have any questions or need help with your wedding dress, give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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